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Deception Of Life – Book One

     Used, beat and abused are mild words when it comes to what Kim Walls has been through. She barely escapes her relationship with her life. Will she have to take a life to escape with her own? Mentally, physically and emotionally scarred she learns to love again. Just when she believes she is pulling her life back together she finds out news that will attach her to her abuser forever. Will this devastating news ruin her chances at true love?

     Candice and Kim Walls, although sisters their views on life were different than day and night. Both women had been deceived, tricked and betrayed by men who sought to control them with either manipulation or physical abuse. Candice found out her man is a cheater who is after her coins, but he will soon seek her hand and heart in forgiveness. Is he being sincere? Or is he trying to get into her bank account again?

     Chad and Greg Vaughn are young, handsome, single and very wealthy. They are business moguls who recently moved their headquarters to Charlotte N.C. Chad has his guard up when it came to women but it was something about Kim that sent him into protective overdrive. Greg is a playboy who looked at women as notches on his belt until Candice left him speechless with her beauty.  Will he continue playboy ways or allow his heart to be captured by the naïve beauty?

   Love at First Sight Again – Book Two


        The Vaughn’s return in this highly anticipated sequel to Deception of Life with more drama that will test their relationships to the fullest. Their successful empire, Ebony Man Media, Inc., is full of filthy rich, ridiculously gorgeous men, but not all the money in the world could protect them from lies, scandals, shame and deceit all in the name of love. 

       GREG VAUGHN dealt with the fact that his ex-girlfriend, Selena Morales, aborted his child, but when he received a call from her after two years he was on his way to California. Will Greg ruin his potential future, because of his past? MICHAEL VAUGHN is only visiting his cousins in North Carolina, but when he meets TOPEKA GIBSON he falls fast and hard. Will their love go up in flames after a tragic plane crash with no survivors?

      RANDI JEFFERS is on her own quest seeking out her past because she is bored in her marriage. Her private excursion to Atlanta to find a former love interest is not at all what she expected it to be and is cut short when she learns that her husband has been arrested on sexual assault charges. Will her marriage crumble or withstand these troubled waters? Can all of this drama turn into Love At First Sight, Again?



 Forget Me Not – Book Three


 The extremely anticipated third and final addition of the Vaughn Family Drama Series Forget Me Not, will not disappoint. Unanswered questions will be revealed, lives will be lost and everyone is not who you think they are, buckle up and hold on tight, this is the finale you have been waiting for!

     Louis Vaughn known as “Louie V” hadn’t seen his best friend Erin Johansen in over 15 years she comes back to L.A. and they quickly reconnect but Erin gets into a car accident barely escaping with her life and loses her memory, in the absence of her mind secrets surface that could shatter her already fragile daughter Kara’s life if she doesn’t remember her messy past soon.

    Mannie Vaughn’s daughter Monique is kidnapped!  Monique Vaughn is a beautiful outgoing spirit who gets involved with the wrong type of guy and ends up kidnapped and left for dead. This doesn’t sit well with her uncle Mike Vaughn and it throws him back into a life that he vowed to leave forever.

     Constance “Connie” LeBlanc is a young single mother on the run with her son, from her ex-boyfriend. When Connie finds a young girl on the side of the road left for dead, she has no idea who she is. She quickly finds out the young girl is a part of one of the most affluent families in California, the Vaughn’s. They let her know they were forever indebted to her for saving Monique’s life. When Constance ex-boyfriend shows up, so does the Vaughn’s to do whatever it takes to keep Constance and her son Adam safe.


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